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Why are some barcodes and/or logos missing?



  • tranquilhands

    I set this up years ago and it’s lost my library cards. It also doesn’t sync with my iPad. My phone no longer has the barcodes 

  • Carm

    I feel your pain, I've have had the same experience . Everything was going great, then all of the sudden the bar codes and pictures disappeared. When I wrote support they promised me all that info was in my account and they were working on fixing the problem.  Well now it's been close to a year nothing has been fixed. If anything it has gotten worst with every update. Sure am glad I paid for the App.

  • Terri K

    Yep. I am having the same issue. The app is definitely having some issues!!  Lost card photos, logos etc and won’t allow the put them back in. Might be looking in to a new card keeper Brooke@429

  • amg8501

    I need help!  I have had this application since 2013!!! NOW twice this week I have lost 10-12 of my reward cards!!! I am SO FRUSTRATED!!! 


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