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How do I delete a card?



  • Monica Brown

    I tried to delete a card and followed directions but it wouldn’t let me. Why not?

  • Emily Gillock Green

    Same here - what do we do if card won’t delete?

  • Patty Van Dyke

    I cannot delete an account on my key ring.  It asked me if I’m sure I want to delete it I click, and then it says this account cannot be deleted.

  • Bob DeLoatch

    Same thing happened with me. 

  • Margaret Ratliff

    Can’t delete cards in the app: 

    1. iPhone 14 Pro

    2.  iOS 16.5.1

    3.  11.48(115)

    4. Error:  window with CARD COULD NOT BE DELETED with OK as only option to choose

    5. Won’t let me paste a photo 
    6. United States 



  • Clarkvec

    That doesn’t work. It won’t let me delete either!

  • Peter O'Keefe

    I have the same problem it wont let me delete out of date cards. Is this app of any use these days?

  • Carm

    I guess these people won't have that problem any more, all their cards are being automatically deleted. This App went downhill fast.

  • Terry Kraft

    Need to sign in on the app.  Looks like you automatically get signed out, so you have to sign in again.  Then delete works.  You can also delete easily by left swiping and clicking on Delete.

  • Petr Stepanek

    It doesn’t let me delete obsolete cards even when I’m signed in. 


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