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What do I do if my barcode won’t scan?



  • Stgause

    App pop ups prevent user from viewing the barcode. These popups like to stay over the bar code for extended periods of time, making the app useless. The most recent one seems to have something to do with location. A white box with a blue circle that goes round and round until I give up and close the app. I have been unable to use the app at stores for over a week. If this doesn’t resolve I plan to uninstall the app from my iPhone.

  • Bob Turtle

    I’m getting the same behavior as stgause. The popup for “location reminders” makes the barcode inaccessible. I’ve never enabled location reminders, don’t want to use them, and there appears to be no way to turn this feature off. However, the ridiculous pop-up doesn’t let me actually scan the barcode while I’m at the point of sale. I don’t allow key ring to access my location, which I suspect is the cause of this pop up. I’ve already switched to another app so i’m posting this in the hopes of helping others. I attached a picture of the pop-up.

  • Dianne Helton (Main)

    Having the same issue. Is there anyway to  cut this off? It’s so annoying waiting for the barcode to be visible. If I don’t have a strong cell phone signal it doesn’t ever go away. 


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