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How do I delete a card?



  • Monica Brown

    I tried to delete a card and followed directions but it wouldn’t let me. Why not?

  • Emily Gillock Green

    Same here - what do we do if card won’t delete?

  • Patty Van Dyke

    I cannot delete an account on my key ring.  It asked me if I’m sure I want to delete it I click, and then it says this account cannot be deleted.

  • Bob DeLoatch

    Same thing happened with me. 

  • Margaret Ratliff

    Can’t delete cards in the app: 

    1. iPhone 14 Pro

    2.  iOS 16.5.1

    3.  11.48(115)

    4. Error:  window with CARD COULD NOT BE DELETED with OK as only option to choose

    5. Won’t let me paste a photo 
    6. United States 



  • Clarkvec

    That doesn’t work. It won’t let me delete either!


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