Receipt Scanning 101

Receipt scanning with CheckPoints is the easiest way to earn more points on all your purchases! 

You can scan as many receipts as you like as long as you follow a few basic rules: 

1. The receipt cannot be a duplicate (no re-scanning!) 

2. The receipt cannot be more than 2 weeks old. 

Additionally, we have a few more rules of the road and pointers: 

1. You get 20 points per receipt for your first 2 receipts of the day, after that you earn 1 coin you can use for a free spin on our 'Instant Win' game. 

2. If your receipt does not scan the date of the receipt, it will be rejected. Sometimes, you need to scan the receipt in multiple images so you can make sure to capture the date! To do this, you can easily tap the "+" button at the bottom of the screen. 

Finally, make sure you are in good lighting! We're using your camera, after all! Good lighting will make sure all of the receipt is captured and will help us avoid errors. 

Happy scanning! 

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