Alexa, ask Out of Milk!

1) With your Alexa device, go ahead and say “Alexa, ask Out of Milk”

2) You’ll then be prompted to link your Out of Milk account to Alexa. This is super simple, so no worries :)

3) Go to your Amazon Alexa app. On your start screen you’ll see an Out of Milk card that asks for account linking. If this doesn’t show up for you, search for Out of Milk in the Skills section and tap on the skill

4) Then go ahead tap “Link account”


5) You’ll now be taken to a sign in page for Out of Milk. Simply enter the email address and password that you use for your Out of Milk account and voila, your account will now be linked to Alexa. 

6) Now the Out of Milk skill is enabled!

7) With your Alexa device, once more say, “Alexa, ask Out of Milk.” You should then be able to start adding items using your Alexa device (look Ma, no hands!)

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