How to use your Google Home

Now that you've linked your Google Home with your Out of Milk account, you're probably wondering, "What all can I say with Google Home?"



Adding Items:

To add an item, you'll first need to invoke the Out of Milk skill. Simply say, "OK Google, talk to Out of Milk." You'll then be prompted to add an item. All you have to say is "add milk to my list," for example.

Let's say you want to add multiple items. At the moment, you can only add 2 items at a time. More often than not, they'll need to be one word items. For instance, if you add, "milk and bread" Google will recognize that. However, if you say, "add Snickers bar and Ziploc bags" it might get confused and not be able to add it.



Switching Lists:

Let's say you want to add milk to your list called Walmart and you want to add wine to your list called Whole Foods. To switch between lists, simply say, "Switch to Walmart list" or vice versa. After doing that, you can then add milk to that list!

What if you forgot what lists you have? Well, just ask Google, "What lists do I have?" and it will read the names of your lists out loud. Pretty neat, right?


Deleting Items:

Deleting items is super simple. While still in the Out of Milk skill on Google Home, just say, "remove milk," for instance. At this moment, because the skill is relatively new, please delete one item at a time, as Google will sometimes get confused if prompted to delete several items at once.


A few more tips:

  • The default list Google Home will add items to a Google Home list on your Out of Milk app--simply switch to the list you want
  • Only lists created by you can be accessed with Google Home - you cannot use it to edit a list shared with you 
  • You can't share lists via Google Home
  • You can't add categories or amounts to items using Google Home
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