How to check off and delete items in iOS

Now that you're at the store getting all the items you've saved to your lists, you'll want to make sure to keep track of which items you've picked up and which items you still need to add to your cart. Thankfully, the Cart feature does just that, and there are a few different ways to check off and delete items.


Read the article or skip to the GIF below to see it in action :) 


How to check off an item to your Shopping Cart:

1) Swipe right- Swiping right isn't just for Tinder. To check off an item and send it to the Shopping Cart (bottom of the screen), simply swipe your finger on the white space to the right of the item, and that item will be sent to the Shopping Cart. Swiping is quick and easy, and will save you loads of time!

2) Tapping- If you aren't into swiping, you can simply tap the empty bubble next to the item name to send it to the Shopping Cart. 


How to delete an item: 

1) Swipe left- To quickly delete an item, simply swipe your finger (on the white space again) to the left, and voila, the item will be deleted. Note: Once the item is deleted, you'll either have to type it in again or select from the history to get it back on the list.

2) Tapping- Another way to delete an item from your list is to tap on the item itself, which will pull up an edit screen and from there you can delete the item.


But wait, there's more!

Let's say you want to check off all items at once or delete all the items at once.

Simply tap on the 3 horizontal dots in the upper right hand corner, and from there select either Delete All or Check All 




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