App says I am "Too Far Away"

If you are trying to earn points (either by checking-in or scanning) and the app says you are "Too Far Away", please try the steps listed below for your device. If you are still having trouble after these steps, create a ticket with us.


In order to resolve the problems you’re experiencing, you’ll have to reset your location warnings. 

1) Click the Settings icon from your phone’s home screen
2) Click General
3) Scroll to the bottom, tap Reset, then tap Reset Location Settings
4) Next time you run CheckPoints you will need to give it permission to use your location to enjoy the location features.


In order to fix this issue, please follow the steps below when you have a strong network/wifi connection:

1) Go into your phone’s settings
2) Location your application manager (where this is located might differ depending on the device)
3) Select the CheckPoints app
4) Select “Clear Data”. (This will NOT clear any of your points or rewards).
5) Open CheckPoints again. You will have to re-login again using your email/password combination from before.

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