Shopping App Tip: How to Create a Key Ring Account

Creating an account on Key Ring is important because your cards, lists and loyalty programs will be saved in your shopping app even if you switch phones. Say you download Key Ring and add all of your loyalty cards to your mobile shopping app without setting up an account only to lose your phone the next day. When you get a new phone and download Key Ring, none of your loyalty cards will show up because you never stored them in an account. One of the biggest advantages our shopping app offers is the ability to store all of your cards and lists into one place. You can create a Key Ring account even after you have already started adding cards. It’s never too late! Here’s how to set up an account:

Click the menu button on the top left hand corner of your screen. Find the “Register/Log In” option under the Settings category.


Enter your e-mail and the password you want to use in the fields provided and click “Sign Up”. It’s as easy as that! The next step is to start taking all those bulky cards off your keys and add them to your shopping app.


If you need more help navigating Key Ring, visit our user guide. We’re always offering tips and shopping advice, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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